The Power Of Music

I write this in sad circumstances. Being a music lover, I find that I invest myself into the music I listen to. I obsess over certain albums, certain songs or certain bands and mostly because the music makes a difference to my life somehow. I rely on music to get me up in the morning, get me through the day and get me to sleep at night.

It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, where you live, what you do. Music will always be there when you need it, my iPod is always at arms length. I know people have their own ways of dealing with things but a lot of people turn to music when they need a pick me up or a push forward.

Hearing about the death of Chester Bennington has absolutely broken my heart, and I’m fully aware that I sound like every other fan on social media and whatnot but it’s true. His music guided my teenage years and always made a shit situation seem that little bit better. I always knew that if I was going through a rough time then I could dig out my Hybrid Theory album, blast it out at full volume and feel better for it. I’m actually listening to it as I write this. Music heals, well it does for me anyway.

Some people don’t understand the power of music to others and that’s okay, we all have our own way of dealing with things and finding ways of making ourselves feel better about certain situations but we should never judge the way people chose to deal with these things. Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone else.

I will always turn to music whatever mood I’m in, I have a select few bands I listen to when I’m sad, angry, happy.. whatever and Linkin Park is always a band I go to for whatever mood.

I suppose this post is more of a thankyou post to the bands I listen to, for making a shit situation seem better and for making a good situation seem great and a thankyou to Chester Bennington for bringing his music into my life and making it that bit better when I needed it to be.

Rest In Peace you brilliant human being, you amazed us all.


Live Your Life

So, this week has been a week of good things. I lost 11lb! WOO! I saw Coldplay live and I’ve started planning things for birthdays and nights out with my girls but I am feeling like I need to appreciate things more or at least show appreciation where it’s due.

I try to be the kind of person with the “fuck it” attitude , if you can’t change something, move on and live your life but always make sure whatever you do makes you happy. Whether it be your job, your group of friends or your hobby, always make sure it makes you happy otherwise it’s a waste of your time and others.

I see myself as a lucky person because I love my job, I have a gorgeous group of friends and everything else seems to be quite good at the moment. People take a lot of things for granted when they become complacent with their lives and in all honesty its such an easy thing to do. When you go about life in the same routine, doing the same things and just getting on with your every day life you dont realise that you’ve become stuck in that routine, not that it’s a bad routine, if you’re happy, you’re happy! However being so complacent in life you will never be prepared for when things come to throw a spanner in the works and mix things up a bit and it knocks you off balance. I used to dwell so much on things like this and panic and worry about having to deal with stuff that I hadnt accounted for. Not all things that happen out of the blue are bad things and I think we need to learn to appreciate these things when they happen because sometimes its a fleeting moment and it won’t happen again for a long time.

I’m fully aware I sound like a naggy, old woman and that’s cool but I think a few people will agree with me. You can never plan life, but you can decide how you feel about it. Adapt the “fuck it” way of life and enjoy yourself because no one else can do it for you!

I fully intend to do my best to make sure I’m happy with whatever I do, and if I find myself feeling at a loss with something, I’ll try and turn it around or I’ll scrap it and move on. We are responsible for our own happiness.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.


Glastonbury Rocks.

I’m currently sat with a cup  of tea and a digestive watching Glastonbury on BBC 4. Now just watching this is absolutely killing me, if you know me, you’ll know that any kind of gig is my happy place.

I’ve spent my day customising my denim jackets in front of the telly instead of being in the Glastonbury crowd. Although I do enjoy the clothes- “love studs and stitches” on Facebook and Instagram if anyone is actually interested!

I was lucky enough to be in that crowd five years ago, I remember the day I got my ticket and I was so excited I run around my house screaming “IM GOING TO GLASTONBURY!”. Myself and two friends went up in my car at the time which was a Citroen c1, yes a little bubble car filled with our festival gear and three of us, we slept in the car the first night to make sure we’d get in early and get a good pitch for our tents. The whole five days was one of the best experiences of my life and I’m truly grateful for it.

I was lucky enough to see the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons that weekend and I have to say it was absolutely incredible. Even without the music the place is just full of things going on. If it was longer than five days I’d have happily spent longer just to explore every inch of the festival I could. I haven’t been able to get a ticket since but my goal is to go just once more.

I’m currently watching Liam Gallagher sing “don’t look back in anger” I have pure goosebumps and there is absolutely no feeling like the feeling of being in a crowd singing along with everyone to your favourite song!

People at Glastonbury I sincerely envy you, you are having the time of your lives and you’ll never forget it.

People who know me or have been to a gig with me, sort yourselves out and come with me one day, you will never regret it and you will thank me.

Glastonbury rocks.IMG_4510

From one music lover to the next.

I havent written anything in weeks I know, because life has taken over and If i’m completely honest I couldn’t be bothered. I havent even done anything with my customised clothes which is silly because I have loads of ideas.

Anyway,  I’m going to talk about music. If you read this and you know me at all, you know that I spend a lot of my time and a lot of my money on music. I love music. To the point that I would happily spend my days at festivals/gigs than anywhere else. My ipod is my most treasured item I own(apart from my laptop which has all my music on) and considering one of my favourite albums(Riot by Paramore) turned 10 ths year, I couldn’t help but spend my post blabbering on about music. Sorry if i bore you.

I first fell in love with music when I was about 15- Paramore, You Me At Six and the likes were the need to know bands of the time and I knew every word to every song. I’d get up in the morning and put my music on, I’d spend my breaks in school listening to music and I’d get home from school and put my music straight on. Some people don’t understand the power of music to others and that’s okay. I’ve always been the person that turns to music when I have an problem, from bad mood to good mood you can guarantee I have an album/song/playlist to fit it. I can put a great album on, get lost in the music blasting through my eardrums and not have a care in the world. Everyone needs a hobby right?

If I could be paid to go to gigs/festivals I would jump at the chance, music is my happy place. My family and friends will tell you I’d pick a concert or a festival over a sunny holiday. Nothing quite comes close to the feeling of being in that crowd with the electric atmosphere and being surrounded by people who are there for the same purpose- to listen to their favourite bands play their favourite music.

My parents influenced my music taste from a young age and I can remember being sat in front of our 6cd changer hi-fi system with headphones attached listening to Prince Charming by Adam & The Ants and I still find myself blasting the song in my car and singing along like a crazy person- Thanks Mam.  I was named after Stevie Wonder’s daughter which was a pain when I was young because I was the kid with the struggle of correcting people when they said my name wrong but I’ve come to realise it’s not a bad thing because it’s actually pretty awesome and Stevie Wonder is a legend. Superstition is an absolute belter.

My music taste isn’t just settled on one genre, it goes from Dexy’s Midnight Runners to T-Rex to 50 Cent to Royal Blood. I call myself a rocker at heart but in all truth I love all music, if a song sounds good to me then I’ll have it on my ipod. I’m sure I even still have a bit of Swedish House Mafia in my itunes library.  I’ve been lucky enough to see a few artists I classed as my “Bucket List” artists which I will be ever grateful for and I will never forget. I’ve rocked out to The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, I’ve skanked with the best of them to Less Than Jake and I’ve gone crazy over Beyonce being in the same room as me.

Music is one of the only things that is universal, you can live in any city, any country and love music as much as the next person. I couldn’t imagine my life without music, and I highly doubt I’d be the person I am now if I didnt rely on music so much- Music is a saviour. Don’t ever feel different because of your taste in music, embrace your love for music. You put your Destiny’s Child CD on and blast it to the high heavens because who the hell is anyone else to judge? It’s only what I’ve been doing the past week! If you have nothing else, you always have music.

As Macklemore once said: “Music is therapy, music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine.”

Shit dates and blocked numbers.

Lets face it, unless you find the love of your life at age 18 and you’re already settled and moved in wth a significant other- you’re gonna have a good few shit dates until you find the right one.

There’ll be the guy who seemed perfect on paper and when you meet him he’s the complete opposite and there’ll be the guy who you go out with because you’ve had some sort of brain issue and think it’s a good idea when everyone shouts at you not to and all the others inbetween.

Me being the anti social human that I am does not date often because I find it insanely awkward, but surely that doesn’t mean that when I actually do they have to be complete douchebags does it?

I’ve actually been sat at a table in a pub and some guy who seemed ideal, winced at my tattoos and told me my job was shit. I actually like my tattoos and I love my job so that went down like a shit sandwich. After he “took himself to the loo” (his words not mine) I said I was leaving, got in the car, burst out laughing and blocked his number.

I’ve never understood why people change to make people like them, if they don’t like you for you then they clearly aren’t a nice person and do not deserve your company. EVER.

No one should ever change themselves to fit into the expectation of someone else, date a few guys and if some of them are that kind of person then you do not need them in your life and you can do better. If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are then they do not deserve your time.

Be yourself and enjoy yourself, don’t change yourself for anyone and live your life the way you want! Just because everyone else follows the norm of society, doesn’t mean you have to.




Soppy bastard alert- literally a post of me sucking up to my friends and telling them how grateful I am for them, I will probably make myself cringe while writing but this needs to be said as I am not a girl of many words when it comes to actual conversation in real life. I am an anti social human being. That said, here goes….

Do not ever underestimate the power of a good friend. Friends are the people that put up with your shit not just because they have to, because they want to.  They’re the honesty you need in life and the shoulder to cry on when you’re down.

I can count myself lucky when it comes to my friends, even though they’re a couple of beauties, they’re the best people. I personally believe that if you have a small number of very good friends then you don’t need much more. Quality over quantity guys!

I’ve gone though thick and thin with my friends and I genuinely think that if it wasn’t for them, I’d be a down and out mess of a human being still crying into my purple rain about an ex. L

I am and always will be ever grateful to my three handsomes for giving me a kick up the arse when I need it and for understanding my need to be a moany bugger 24 hours a day.  There is nothing I would rather more than sip a biscuit flavoured drink with my Ashley, lose my car in a car park with my Jasmine and run around a play area with my Amber (who is a kick ass mum btw) and her beautiful little girl who is quite possibly the most adorable little person I’ve ever met.

Yes there is a biscuit flavoured drink, and yes I did lose my car in a car park, we’ll keep that for another post…

Anyway,  be grateful for your friends folks, you may not see them often but they are always there. Friends are the family you pick for yourselves.

Embracing my inner Granny.

I find myself thinking ridiculous things all of the time. My mind is a whirlwind of complete shit sometimes and I’ll tell you something that ALWAYS helps…SHOPPING.

I love a good shopping spree, I’m not a designer snob and I will happily spend hours racing around primark for the last leopard print coat and fighting with an old woman for a pretty scarf(yes I have, and I won).

Shopping is therapy for the soul. Feeling down? Go shopping. Bored? Go shopping. Break-up? Go shopping. Arm fallen off? Go shopping. See. It works.

Sometimes I won’t even buy anything but it’s good to just have a mooch about and get some decent food and drinks with the girls, nothing brings friends together better than shopping, I do sometimes kid myself and go into places like Michael Kors, I then realise there are no prices on anything. Why is this you ask? Well because if you have to ask how much something is, you clearly can’t afford it! Which I can’t. It’s always worth a nose but let’s be honest I will not be buying anything in there and I swiftly spin on my heel and go back to my normal shops of choice.

Now, my favourite part of shopping is the shoes. I LOVE SHOES. If I had the room, I would have every pair of shoes I’ve seen. I used to be a huge stiletto fan, but somehow I’ve recently found myself buying shoes with a chunky heel or a wedge heel. I hadn’t even noticed this until recently when I saw a pair of beautiful heels and the cringed at the thought of trying to walk in them and not fall flat on my face. Think bambi on ice.

Does this mean I’m getting old? Or does it mean I’m sensible? I don’t know, but all I know is my feet hurt at the thought of wearing a stiletto heel for longer than 30 seconds. I seriously envy girls who can wear heels like that to work and walk around in them for a good 8 hours on a daily basis because when I do my shoe shopping for work I scour the shops for the comfiest thing I can find that has little to no heel so I won’t find myself wobbling around and stumbling over the smallest things. I wore boots to work with a heel that wasn’t much bigger then 1 1/2 inches and my feet were in agony when I got home! I am so not the glam girl, I am the comfy girl.

I won’t lie, I’d love to be able to spend hundreds of pounds of a pair of Christian Louboutin’s but they’d sit on my shoe rack and collect dust (which I personally think would be a bit criminal) I am much happier in a pair of vans or a nice pair of converse. Like I said, I will never be the girl that spends hours on her make up and picks out the highest heels to wear out and I’m fine with that. Sometimes I really do think I’m just getting old I am an 85 year old in a 25 year olds body but fuck it,  I enjoy being a granny!

Although in my mind there’s a couple of things I have over all the glam girls who wear crazy insane high heels..

My feet will always be in comfort and in years to come I won’t be spending my time at the doctors trying to get a bunion sorted, so who’s the real winner here? Now where are my slippers?……

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

So, Post number 2. I’m basically going to be blogging the silly stories and happenings of my life. May get the odd serious heartfelt post but mostly this blog will be filled with “aisha based disasters” as my friend Jasmine likes to call them. I’m not even sure what the correct blogging etiquette is, am I allowed to post so many times or do I have to do things a certain way? I don’t know. So bare with me guys, I am a proper rookie at this and if I sound like I don’t have a clue then it’s probably because I really don’t, but, I have plenty of stories to tell and plenty of misfortunes for people to have a giggle at which is pretty much the whole point of this blog.

Now, this post has been written and ready to publish for a day or two, I didn’t post it because for some reason I would have felt that publishing more than one post in the matter of days feels like that clingy girlfriend that double texts when you don’t answer within 30 seconds and begs for attention, but even so, here it is and I don’t feel like a bunny boiler yet….Fingers crossed.

We’ll start with the beginning of my week, my little breakdown at the office. I like to call it my “Ross Geller” moment.

I left a very attractive looking egg and cress sandwich (yes it looked nice, egg and cress is nice) in the fridge ready for Mondays lunch. I quite literally spent my drive to work excited about the sandwich I had for lunch, and the fact I hadn’t forced a lunch into my work bag for the 600th time was quite nice.

Anyway, I put my yoghurt in the fridge, only to find that my sandwich was gone. Not there. Nowhere to be found. Poof. I tried my best to not go absolutely psychotic but let’s be honest if I didn’t, people would wonder what was wrong. I checked the whole fridge about 5 times (it’s not even a big fridge I just wouldn’t accept that my sandwich was gone), I also checked the fridge in the kitchen. Nothing.

Insanely offended by my sandwich disappearance I start ranting and raving about how my  “egg and fucking cress” sandwich was gone. Not even my morning cuppa made things better. If anyone mentioned lunch, I’d go absolutely berserk. I can imagine you’re thinking “Jesus Christ Aish it was only a sandwich” which is very true. However this absolute beaut doesn’t think rationally. I had Mac n Cheese from the canteen for lunch, which is my favourite. Still wasn’t happy. How my work colleagues put up with my sassy childlike tantrums I do not know, you’re all saints and I love you.

I spent the best part of a half an hour picking out tomatoes from my Mac n cheese (seriously who puts chopped tomatoes in Mac n Cheese?!). I wanted my egg and fucking cress sandwich and not even a meal made by Gordon Ramsey delivered to my desk would have sufficed.

It wasn’t until I got home from work and realised “oh my god you were real life Ross Geller today” and now all I can see is me screaming “MY SANDWICH” loud enough for life on mars to hear.

I don’t plan on going on the sick because of my sandwich debacle so all is well. However, moral of the story is…don’t steal people’s food and be grateful for your work family…they spend more time with you than your actual family, they put up with more shit than you even realise!


IMG_3732My name is Aisha. I’m 25. I live with my parents and my sister. I have a job. I have an income. I have a car. I have a family. I have the best friends. I am not at the place in life where I thought I’d be right now.

When you list what you have it seems so much more than when you look at it. Sometimes people feel like they have nothing when they have so much more than they ever realised, if you have a roof over your head, you’re richer than most people in the world. If you have family and friends you’re richer than most people in the world. If you have a job, you’re richer than most people in the world.

I used to panic at the thought of not being in the right place in life, like my friends were moving forward and I was stuck in the same place. They were moving out with their partners, having babies, getting married and I was stuck in a little village living with my parents. I felt like my life had somehow frozen in time and everyone else’s was speeding up and moving on.

Sometimes life deals you a card that completely throws you, I can honestly say this happens to me more than I’d like to admit!

Its taken me a while to get to the point where I feel at ease with where my life is and the fact I can’t do anything about it and I need to let life happen.

I have a job, I have a family, I have friends. I have more than what a lot of people have and just because others are at different points in their lives it doesn’t mean my life is in any way inferior, it just means I haven’t been dealt that card yet.

I’m not even sure who will see this and who won’t, I’m not even sure I care. This is my way of having a moan and telling myself to pull up my big girl pants and get a grip. Someone might like what I write, maybe someone might hate it. Thats fine. This is me. No one has to like it and I’m not asking them to, but its highly likely I am not the only 25 year old at this point in life and maybe I can make others who feel this way realise it’s actually not as shitty as it sounds in your head. You have a hell of a lot more than some people and you should be eternally grateful for what you have because you have a lot. You will have more, you will have a different path in life and you will move forward. It will happen at the right time and it will happen when it is supposed to happen. Be patient and let the world deal your cards the way they were meant to be dealt.

Stay tuned guys, follow the life of the singleton who can’t seem to sort her life out, I might even get better at it 🙂